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Hi I’m Jim Plummer talented musician & producer.

Hi, I’m Jim Plummer

Since 1991 I have been playing the same Gretsch ‘G-Brand’ I currently use . Before this, I had a Gretsch ‘Country Gentleman’ which was accidentally damaged in transit on the way to a live performance. My first appearance in a live band was in 1981 whilst still at school, I played in a couple of other line ups until 1986 when I decided to leave the music scene for a couple of years to sail the seas with the Royal Navy.

Music is My Passion
& Everything

In 1988, my brother John asked me to join The Firebirds so I gave up travelling the oceans for a career in playing the music I have grown up with and always enjoyed. 1991was a major turning point for both The Firebirds and myself, this is when the work load dictated that we went professional. The first year started with a five month summer tour averaging nearly 1600 miles a week. People often ask me if I find life on the road boring, but I can honestly say that every live gig, I STILL get a buzz!!! Off stage I enjoy the challenge of writing 50’s style music and lyrics and working in the recording studio.

I have many influences from the 1950’s as I believe it was a great era producing a lot of talented singers and musicians. I suppose those who I greatly admire are the likes of Eddie Cochran, Dion and of course the king of Rock ‘n’ Roll himself Elvis Presley. One of my greatest pastimes is working in my own recording studio creating music. One off most most treasured possesions is my 6120 G-Brand Gretsch as featured on the front cover of the Movin’ On album. I have recently been endorsed by Dean Markley in California, thanks guys for all your support. I use a Fender Tonemaster amplifier along with a Fender 212 cab.

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