About Me

Hi I’m Jason Bryant a Talented Drummer.

Hi, I’m Jason Bryant

I am now in my 18th year with “The Firebirds” and  still enjoy every gig.
I have renewed my kit several times over those years and have now settled for a Drumcraft Shell Pack with a nice set of Zildjian  Cymbals,   2015 was the year I broke my own record, and actually purchased a new pair of sticks!!!

Music and drumming is My Passion
& Everything

I have been drumming for more year’s than I care to remember starting whilst still at school, it was here that I joined my first band and then went on to playing pubs and clubs, since those early days I have played in several different bands, and played everything from Soul to Punk, eventually I met up with Jim who (as he would say) educated me to play real music.   
I spend far too much time on the Golf Course and ripping up the countryside in my off-roader, as you can see we are in for another busy year so I hope to see and speak to as many of you as possible when we play a venue near you.
Keep rockin’

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